Volume 20 No. 1
# Article Title Author
1 Preface Cheryl Stobie
2 Playing in the Dark/ Playing in the Light: Coloured Identity in the Novels of Zoë Wicomb J U Jacobs
3 On Ivan Vladislavic on Willem Boshoff on Conceptual Art Sally-Ann Murray
4 In Pursuit of the Primitive: Van der Post’s Lost World Dirk Klopper
5 Myth of Origin or Play of Difference: A Discussion of Two Versions of the /Xam Story of the Origin of Death Michael Wessels
6 Nadine Gordimer’s The Pickup and the Desert Romance Tradition in Post/Colonial Anglophone Fiction Hilary P Dannenberg
7 Polygamy in African Fiction Multiple Authors
8 The Man, the Woman and the Whale: Exploring the Politics of the Possible in Zakes Mda’s 'The Whale Caller' Ralph Goodman
9 A Moment in the Auto/biographical Enterprise Ena Jansen

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