Volume 19 No. 2
# Article Title Author
1 Introduction Antjie Krog: from a Poetics of Dissidence to Nation-building and Beyond Andries Visagie
2 Antjie Krog and the Accumulation of ‘Media Meta-Capital’ Anthea Garman
3 Antjie Krog, Stephen Watson and the Metaphysics of Presence Michael Wessels
4 ‘Now Strangers Walk in that Place’: Antjie Krog, Modernity, and the Making of //Kabbo’s Story Dan Wylie
5 ‘Inhabiting’ the Translator’s Habitus: Antjie Krog as Translator Frances Vosloo
6 Antjie Krog’s Role as Translator: A Case Study of Strategic Positioning in the Current South African Literary Poly-system Multiple Authors
7 Remembering to Forget: Testimony, Collective Memory and the Genesis of the ‘New’ South African Nation in 'Country of My Skull' Judith Lütge Coullie
8 The Ethics of Infidelity in 'Country of My Skull' Kim Rostan
9 We who Belong to this Landscape: Antjie Krog and the Politics of Space Annel Pieterse
10 The Mother as Pre-text: (Auto)biographical Writing in Antjie Krog’s 'A Change of Tongue' Louise Viljoen
11 The Universal Sanctity of Whiteness: Antjie Krog’s Negotiation of Black Responses to White Transformation in 'A Change of Tongue' Multiple Authors
12 open season Peter Strauss

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